Anglesey Seascapes

Of course I couldn’t spend time in Anglesey without visiting the coast a whole bunch.

I used this trip to have a play with a few new ND filters I picked up to get some really long shutter speeds. Always a learning curve with this type of thing, at one point I had four filters stacked in front of the lens, giving me close to ten stops of filtration. While this gave me 30 second exposures in the middle of the day, the distance the filters ended up being away from the lens, coupled with using a 10mm wide angle, meant that I got a lot of refraction and reflection. In a couple of shots you can clearly read the lens markings in the relection. If I’m going to try to stop down this much again I’m going to have to bite the bullet and spend some money on a single 10 stop ND.

The volume of filtration also threw up some strange colour issues, especially when using the graduated filters. Some of the effects I really like, but when colour is hugely important on a shoot, it’s a good thing to bear in mind and a different solution might be called for.