Bollinger Roses

A few months ago I was commissioned by Bollinger (through Mentzendorff) to shoot some publicity images for the Bollinger Rose. The brief was to provide a shock of colour and vibrancy to the bottle shots. I could only get hold of 10 pink roses in Llangollen that weekend, so my hand was forced into a more aggressive post production strategy than I would have liked to have used.

The images ultimately were not used, so it’s nice to see them find the light of day here. It was a fun excercise, and I’m quite proud of the result. The first two images are composites of about 10 photographs, the petals image is from over 20 exposures. I’ve included the original exposures for the roses image at the end so you can get an idea of the process. Next time I won’t wear a watch, that was fiddly to paint out!