Barmouth in a Different Light

In a rare change of form for me, I took the camera out on a sunny day.

I found myself in Barmouth again, but this time I was able to venture into the water with no shoes on!

However, I couldn’t bring myself to not see how long I could leave the shutter open, I was in danger of getting a tan, and I was still shooting with the shutter open for nearly 3 seconds! And handheld.

I held the shutter open while walking on the beach with the tripod attached, the weight of the tripod lends some stability to the camera (acting almost as a ‘poor mans steadycam’). This way, even though all the detail of the scene gets blurred out – the horizon stays mostly intact, giving the image a clear point of focus.

I took a few shots on the tripod too – just past ankle depth. I got some nice shots here, a bit of a different feel to the shots I usually take later in the day. I took a few with a 300mm lens too – it was a bit of a shock for me getting a 1/2000th of a second exposure, but it felt quite liberating getting such an instant result.