Shannon Goode – New videos and Photoshoot

Shannon Goode asked me back to shoot another video and some more stills to accompany her new song Do You Really Want?

We took over a local high end apartment for the day and (with permission) put the smoke machine to work, to give us the nostalgic look we needed to fit the tone of the song.

I shotlisted the piece pretty thoroughly, but still shot more coverage than I needed to, as I knew the flashback edits were going to be tricky to get the tone right, so I didn’t want to leave myself without options.

For the last track from the EP Shannon wanted a really low key fun video for her Hit Me With Your Best Shot duet with her mother.

We shot the video in their family home, lots of bright lights and and a fun atmosphere. We shot the whole thing in about 2 hours and tried to embrace the chaos and look for the happy accidents and unplanned interactions.

I really like the tone we got with this shoot.

We also shot some more stills. This time with a more grittier feel than the very clean images we shot last time.