Trevor Hall Video Tour

I’m back at Trevor Hall. This time it’s moving images.

The property tour films I’ve made over the last year have been quite popular and Trevor Hall asked me to put one together for them. The other’s I’ve done have been a bit laid back and classical in nature, but they really wanted something a bit different as their property is not your average stately home.

Music-wise they wanted something that mixed the old and the new, like the building itself, so I contacted composer Ant Dickinson to make me something ‘a bit 1920s swing dubstep’, and told him he didn’t have to hold back. The edit of this film was a full-on nightmare, but I’m really happy with the result, as was the client. Online, it’s divided opinion, which has led to a lot of debate, which is a great thing.

While I was there I also shot some stills for them to update the website with the new decoration in the rooms, some of which are below.