Chase Miniatures

This was a pretty trick shoot.

Galloping Gourmet have started offering Chase Miniatures as table favours at weddings and functions, and wanted some unique imagery to feature on their website and printed materials.

I was sent a box of tiny bottles and a propmaster called Nik.

Nik had with him a fairly open brief and a box of props to match, we got to work getting all the standard bottle shots and simple set-ups out of the way in pretty record time. Then he left and said, ‘if you can do anything else crazy and awesome that would be great’, and also mentioned he’d liked a previous shoot of mine where I’d suspended the products. I took a deep breath and dug out the fishing wire.

Definately not record time, and definately not simple or standard. But the last couple of ‘flying bottle’ shots we got I’m really happy with, and add something a bit different to the set. You can see some more pics on their site too.