WILD – Limited Edition Photobook


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This project was successfully funded!

The books should be arriving soon, and will be available for sale through here as soon as I have them.

This thing has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. It's been a physical book in one form or another for the past two years. I keep adding to it, keep changing my mind about things, keep wondering if anyone but me will like it.

I've finally bitten the bullet, called it done and set it loose into the world.

The Kickstarter campaign for WILD launched a week ago and I have been astounded by the response. People have been really taken with the images and the pre-order pledges have been steadily rolling in.

You can hear the full story in the video above or over on the Kickstarter page, so I'll do my best not to repeat myself here. I've always loved photobooks. My bookcases heave with them. There's something about the printed form that so often gets lost in the modern digital age. This will be my third book now, and by far my biggest creative gamble. The work is gigantically outside of what I've become known for. I'm not trying to redefine myself, or carve a new path, I just started taking these pictures and couldn't bring myself to stop. I got obsessed, plain and simple.

If the Kickstarter didn't get any response, I wouldn't have been upset. I didn't make this collection to turn a profit, or gain fame and glory. I did it because I liked it. I stand by the purity of that. These days I'm a commercial photographer first and foremost, I'm proud of the work I do and I'm delighted by the positive response I get from clients, but there's very little art for art's sake in my life these days. Maybe that's why it's taken me 5 years to call this project 'done' (for now). Every time I've come close to thinking 'that'll do', I've had another burst of wandering the hills and finding new flowers. It's been a really cathartic thing for me, creating images that serve no purpose except to exist for their own sake. I haven't been doing a lot of that lately.

So please have a look at the project, and let me know what you think. To everyone that's ordered a copy, or is even thinking about it, thank you. It truly has been amazing to see the reactions people have had to the work.


The book has 208 pages of pictures, here are just a couple to give you a taste.