C1AW – “Banshee”

Music by C1AW – facebook.com/clawmusic
Directed by Andrew Gale

This one was fun. A mad bit of dubstep from Claw (also known as Ant Dickinson), we wanted claws in the video, and a friend had a pet scorpion, easy money. To get the odd drifting focus, soft-contrast look to the first half of the video, I removed the aperture assemblies from a few old primes and freelensed, with this method of holding a lens in front of the mount, you can get some really odd stuff happening as he plane of focus shifts and also, all kinds of light spills in behind the rear element.

The second half of the video was shot a couple of weeks later as the scorpion wasn’t particularly hungry the first day and was not at all interested in the locusts we had bought that afternoon. Second time round he was ready to perform, but there was no way to control him in an open environment, so we filmed him in his aquarium. This had the added benefit of giving the second half of the track a very different texture.

To add to the madness of the video I decided to throw a bunch of scorpion facts into the edit, using After Effects to track the footage and place the text in the scene, a bit too quick to read.