Elan Valley

I spent my birthday this year driving around the Elan Valley in Mid Wales.

This is a fantastic valley, dominated by an elaborate series of resivoirs. It’s a place I reccommend everyone visit. I will definately be returning – when it’s not raining.

It threw it down. All day. This coupled with the wind that day, meant that keeping water off the front lens element was near impossible. But here are my efforts. The rushed nature of the event, shooting inbetween downpours, meant that there was little time for flash or anything too clever. Mid way through the day I took a spill into a very muddy stream with my D300 (I’m still cleaning mud from it now), and that put a stop to most of the more tricky exploring.

But these surroundings are just spectacular. Caban Coch looks just like I imagine the end of the world would, the fully submerged Careg-Ddu is nothing short of special, and the fact that you can visit all 5 dams in a little over an hour.

I’m fairly pleased with the results given the circumstanes. I can’t wait to get back there and see what I can accomplish given more time in the dry.