Trevor Hall Interiors

I was recently commissioned to photograph the interiors of Trevor Hall near Llangollen. I’ve worked in this building a few times, we shot the Algebra video here, and a few weeks ago I shot some lifestyle work for Emma Cornes bags (a post about that is coming soon).

As I had to work quickly on-site to make these images I chose to use the additive light method I’ve been refining lately as it lets me move fast and gives me a few creative options in post (although the post-production is quite lengthy and the average file size is around 700mb).

Each image is created from between 5 and 20 exposures, with a single softbox lighting different parts of the room. These are then compiled in photoshop. I am extremely pleased with how these images have tuned out. It’s not a technique that is suitable for every job, but it’s a handy trick to have in the bag when time is tight.