Emma Cornes Bags

Here are two recent shoots for Emma Cornes bags.

I was recently commissioned by the lovely Emma and Pete Cornes to photograph their new line of tartan handbags in anticipation of their website relaunch. Our first shoot was lifestyle at Trevor Hall. We had a lot of bags to shoot in just one day, so we needed a location that provided a lot of variety all in one place, and Trevor Hall does not dissapoint in that aspect. Every room is decorated on a different theme, and there are a lot of rooms.

Lighting wise, we didn’t want to do anything too flashy, as we wanted a fairly natural look, so most of these images were produced with one big softbox, and a smaller box for fill as I didn’t want the shadows to become too severe. The staircase shots posed the biggest challenge and required 4 speedlights to make sure the room was evenly, and interestingly lit. Pete had to step in to be a V.A.L. for those shots, as I couldn’t get the stand for the key light into a position where it could be remotely triggered due to a very large curtain just out of shot that we weren’t able to move.

For the outdoors section of the shoot we wen’t full ambient, as there was a nice softly overcast sky that day I didn’t feel the need to add any lights to make it more punchy, I liked the soft natural light that was there, so we used that with some long lenses and moved quickly.

For the second shoot, we relocated to the Emma Cornes workshop to update the range of product shots, and also grab a couple of profile shots of Emma.

Lighting for product work can often be a time consuming task, and this was no exception. As we had to represent the different sizes and colours of the various bag, we needed a consistent lighting scheme that would work with all the different models. This took a little time, but I’m very pleased with the results.