Shannon Goode – EP Photography and Music VIdeo

Last month I worked with the very talented local singer Shannon Goode. We shot a music video for her upcoming cover of Jessie’s Girl (I’ll post the video when it’s realeased) and we also spent an afternoon shooting several looks for the artwork for the three songs of the EP.

The pictures each wanted to reflect the feeling of each song, but also wanted to maintain a consistent style throughout.

We took over Abbey Road Acro for the shoot as we needed a large space with full length mirrors (shooting in a studio with padded floors was so much friendlier on the knees than the hardwood and concrete I’m used to).

We wanted a bright clean look to reflect the music’s glossy pop aesthetic, so most of the shots were taken with a large 2m strip box for sidelight or fill, and after playing about with a couple of softboxes, I settled on a 1m gold umbrella for the key as we liked the slightly more punchy look it gave.

For a couple of the final shots, we dropped the key lights, and let the strip box do all the work from behind Shannon to give us a more aggressive silhouette with nice edge detail that ultimately got chosen for the cover.

And the video is now live too.

We filmed over one long day at ROC2 Studios in Wrexham on their lovely infinity cove.


Shannon Goode – Jessies Boy from Andrew Gale on Vimeo.